A web based time tracking tool

- designed to make the task as hassle-free as possible


Time tracking should be easy, efficient and provide a good overview. Unfortunately, for many companies this is not the reality.. Time-consuming manual registration, uncertainties in terms of policy compliance, and failure in the approval process can make the task a burden for both employees and managers. Perhaps it is time to simplify this process and rather spend your time on your core business?

- Weekly web/mobile registration of hours, absence and holiday.
- Register employee hours by project, product, order etc.
- Multi- or single level approval process.
- Real-time integrations or file-based export of data to payroll/accounting/ERP systems.
- Powerful report module based on Microsoft Reporting Services.
- Large collection of congurable report templates.
- And much more....

User- friendly
An easy and intuitive design minimizes the risk of mistakes and improves the data quality. The user interface is based around the user's role in the organization, so only relevant screens will be displayed to them. End-users can also access their individual view of balance, overtime, absence and holiday.

Up-to-date reports on hours, absence and overtime is a critical tool for management. In addition to our configurable report templates, custom reports can be developed. Avoid delays and make the right decisions based on accurate data! 

The Proplan Time solution is highly configurable and can easily be customized to various industries or specific customer requirements. We customize the system to fit your situation - not the other way around.
Today Proplan Time is utilized in various industries in Norway. Our main customers are found in industries like building construction, production, oil and gas, service, retail and projects & consultancy.

Proplan Time Mobile

Proplan Time Mobile is an extension module that allows employees to complete their timesheets using their mobile phones. The module supports iPhone, Adroid, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iPad and tablets. Supervisors can also quickly approve the items for their teams by using their mobile phones.

Integration opportunities

The most common integration option is to connect with your payroll system to ensure timely and correct payroll submission. Proplan Time can be integrated with most major payroll systems, like Visma Lønn (Visma Payroll system) and Huldt & Lillevik Lønn (Payroll system). These system integrations operate in real time and can transmit salary and absence data directly from your timesheet to the payroll system. Another option is to integrate with your accounting/ERP system for invoicing and accounting purposes.

Why choose Proplan as your supplier?
In addition to our experience with numerous time tracking projects, Proplan is a total supplier of ERP, Payroll and CRM. This is what separates us from other suppliers. We have experience and expertise with the whole range of systems you use daily. This makes us able to see how your time tracking process fits in with your other administrative processes. We can integrate the different systems and reinforce the benefits of each of them. Together we will find solution tailored to satisfy your requirements.

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